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The project has been the subject of FEASR contributions

The investment is part of the aim of introducing new technologies because they are either obsolete or not present in the company. You buy specific equipment for the vineyard such as the shredrin, hoeer and a vineyard tractor not present of equal power in the activity. In addition, land improvement is performed by making drainage with water recovery. The aim of this latest investment is the introduction of process innovation to improve the level of protection of production from abiotic/atmospheric agents. The implementation time is 18 months (including the request for a 6-month extension) from the acceptance of the application for a contribution. The funds needed for investments are part of their own and of loans with banks. The total cost of the investment amounts to 63,300€ for equipment, for drainages the expenditure is 21,203.79 plus expenses in the economy amounting to 17,610€. The technical expenses are 2.636.02€. The total cost of the investment is 104,327.81€ for a total contribution of 52,163.91€.